Thank you for considering to donate your vehicle, boat or ATV to our program!  We accept all makes and models running or not.  Many non-profit organizations that accept vehicle donations sell the vehicles and use the proceeds to fund their programs.  Not Because People Matter, Inc.!  Our first priority is a full inspection of the vehicle by an ASE certified mechanic to assess what it will take to make this a safe and reliable vehicle for a local family struggling with transportation barriers.  Vehicle donations are the backbone of our mission and your donation is up to 100% tax deductible of the retail value with at least a $500 minimum value guaranteed (see your tax professional for your personal tax benefits).     

There are some instances in which we are not able to repair all of the donations we receive.  Either they have structural issues such as rust eating holes in the frame or the repairs require extensive amounts of labor hours.  A team of professional mechanics evaluate each unit and help us decide when a vehicle should be fixed and when to pass.  If we are not able to repair a vehicle or if your donation is a boat or ATV, only then will we use our dealership connections to sell the item.  We strive to always get the best price and will seek multiple avenues before selling.  All proceeds of any sales will be used 100% to repair or purchase a vehicle for a family in need in your community.  

The donation process is easy! 

1) Download and fill out the Donation Form below.
2) Locate and sign the title by all owners.
3) Deliver your vehicle, donation form and title to any Anderson Auto Group location, or Contact Us if towing needs to be arranged.

Our program and recipients send a generous thank you and wish you and yours many blessings!

  • Click above to open the downloadable form to use for your donation. Thank You!!

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