We believe that God has blessed the Because People Matter organization with talented people, goods, assets, as well as like-minded partners. We donnot take this lightly as we strive daily to be good stewards of those resoures provided to help people who are struggling to sustain themselves & their families and get them back on their feet.

Our gift set lies in the automotive industry with the abilitiy to aquire, diagnose, repair and donate vehicles we strive to be good stewards of the gifts in the communities we serve the need is great, diverse and never-ending. Conversely, our funds are finite so to best manage these realities, we've placed special focus on people struggling to sustain themselves in these key demigraphic areas which we feel we are best positioned to make significant positve impact:

- Single parent families
- Orphans/foster kids aging out of the system
- Widows/widowers
- Our veterans

We have also developed strategic partnerships with like-minded individuals and businesses.
We are grateful for these partners who help selflessly donate funds, parts, vehicles, time vetting each person's situation and walikng with them up to 2 years with counseling to help them, get back on their feet and making better choices. We believe in these partnerships because they have been key in maximizing a larger total impact each year. Praise God for that!

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